SPACE project - stands for 'Strategic Partnership: Agents of Change in Education' - brings innovative existing approaches designed to provide Europe's future educators with the tools they need in order to exemplify how tomorrow's innovators act, interact, think, network, and teach.

The SPACE project exists at the meeting point of science, technology, art, entrepreneurship and innovation. Based on the "Write a Science Opera (WASO)" approach, the SPACE project will extend the limits of that model in several ways, allowing it to encompass additional fields of learning and knowledge.

The project’s main objective is to establish an international student-run entrepreneurial organization. The result will be a network of student teachers trained in the delivery of innovative cross-disciplinary art\science educational models to primary students, based on the project’s collaboration with a leading European research and industry entity: the European Space Agency’s Technology Center (ESTEC).

The project will thus result in new, innovative curriculum structures in the partner institutions based on the experiences in the proposed methods.

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