InCanto Opera Education

Being educated in the arts and appreciating the arts from a young age can make people better. Indeed, art acts on the deepeststates of mind and emotions, as it nourishes the mind and spirit through stimulus to ultimately develop the expressive and creative potential of a person. For this reason, art is necessary for civilized life and it holds a fundamental role in the global development of the individual, especially if known and loved from an early age.

Stemming from this concept, the project "InCanto Opera Education'' intends to create a strategic partnership for the exchange of good practices for the training of teachers and the musical education of students. It implements the opera La Cenerentola by Gioachino Rossini as a case study, applying the methodology that the project manager has successfully experimented at national and European level. The choice to apply the didactic method to the opera comes from the awareness, shared by all partners, that its strength comes from the ability to combine music, singing, poetry, and dance in a single creative project. For this reason, the opera offers a set of solutions within the framework of an initiative that seeks to break down cultural barriers, to further the musical education of the community and to develop a new audience. ICOE aims at the involvement of thousands of children in the artistic production and performance of La Cenerentola by Gioachino Rossini. Thanks to the transition to digital platforms, partners will have the opportunity to learn the teaching method and to apply it in the classroom. In this way, students from 6 to 13 will learn to perform music, to know the theatre, to learn sign language and to build their own costumes and equipment in a continuous and shared group work. Fundamentals in learning will include the following didactic materials: the audiobook, the free App, and the digital sharing platforms. A crucial component in the training course will also be the creation of an European Virtual Choirformed by the students participating in the project. It will be open to those who do not take part directly. The instruments used can be shared and disseminated both locally and nationally, offering new opportunities for the realization of future projects. Offering schools and teachers an innovative educational approach with the capability to actively involve students and to update the didactic paths to change our society, will bring new generations closer to opera, music and choredisciplines, leaving a positive impact on the social and territorial fabric in a vibrant way and permanent way.


Europa in Canto – Italy

Curso de Música Silva Monteiro – Portugal

Chant d’Oiseau – Belgium

Istituto Statale di Istruzione Specializzata per Sordi - “A. Magarotto” - Italy

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